What is digital learning ?

Le digital learning

Digital learning consists of using a digital medium to carry out training courses. It is an evolution of e-learning that uses the internet to make online training courses. This learning technique takes the form of distance learning or face-to-face training.

The evolution of digital technology has brought new possibilities and numerous tools to the service of training. Computers, tablets, mobiles or even connected objects, are all means to easily access this type of training.

The digital transformation of companies and organizations requires the integration of these new techniques to develop the skills of their employees. Digital learning can take many forms: e-learning, serious game, MOOC, SPOOC, social learning, etc.

Many companies and organisations today use training platforms or LMS (learning management system). Digital learning can be perfectly integrated into this type of tool, using the SCORM standard, thus allowing traceability of the training and measuring its performance.

But other solutions have been developed and allow access to training in SAAS (solution as a service). The indicators used are very often similar to those present in the LMS.