What is the GDPR?

Qu'est-ce que le RGPD ou GDPR ?

The European Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR, is a major piece of legislation governing the protection of personal and sensitive data.

In 2012, Europe is launching a huge overhaul of the legislative framework to adapt to the digital revolution and new digital uses, which have been multiplied in recent years.

After four years of work, in 2016, the GDPR is definitively adopted. It is directly applicable since May 2018, in all EU member states, including non-EU companies if they have customers in Europe.

Result :

  • harmonization of legislation throughout Europe
  • of people's rights strengthened
  • a higher level of data security
  • new obligations for all data controllers and their processors
  • much heavier penalties for breaches of the GDPR: breach of security, lack of information, lack of consent, etc.

The European Regulation therefore entails profound changes in the business practices of companies and organisations: keeping a register of processing operations, new rights of individuals, the principle of "privacy by design", reporting security breaches within 72 hours to the supervisory authority, etc.

In order to meet their legal obligations and comply with the GDPR, data controllers and their subcontractors must make their employees aware of the changes brought about by the GDPR and ensure that the fundamentals of personal data protection are known, acquired and become a reality in their professional life .

The DPOs, the Data Protection Officers, are the new players in the field of Privacy: they ensure compliance with the new regulations, particularly the awareness aspect.

MISSION: GDPR, as a turnkey solution, is a very appreciated tool, as it allows to provide a first level of knowledge, necessary before any more in-depth operational training.

The introduction and conclusion screens can be customized: logo, graphic charter, mention of a referent person, advice and good practices of the company, link to resources...

This 30-minute training course is also accompanied by a computer graphics in pdf format, printable by users, in order to provide them with a lasting teaching support. A certificate of completion can also be downloaded.