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Publisher of Digital Learning: Easy, Fast and Fun!

In the context of the digital transformation of organizations, digital learning is a necessity to train and raise awareness on strategic and essential subjects.

Œil pour Œil CREATIONS offers distance learning solutions, e-learning and serious games to acculturate a company's employees to complex subjects such as data protection or GDPR, cybersecurity, or the fight against corruption, thanks to the power of gamification.

We ensure the quality of our e-learning sessions both in terms of content, with the help of recognised experts in the subjects covered, and in terms of form. Indeed, we use storytelling, with amusing situations that allow us to introduce the contents of our learnings.

We use motion design or animation to create dynamic and attractive sequences. The sound design is also well done, with native actors for most of the languages offered.

The evaluation of the acquired knowledge is done thanks to quizzes that we wanted to be visually generous and with simple gameplays.

Finally, each success is rewarded with a medal and a training certificate.

Our "Fun, Fast and Easy" approach allows us to achieve notable performances and create a positive experience for the learners.

Our training courses are also translated into several languages to facilitate international deployment.

Discover and experience our solutions designed to help HR, DPO, CISO, Compliance Officer or Digital Learning Manager in their respective missions.

Enjoy your discovery!

Digital learning and gamification



Our fast learnings last on average 30 minutes; they are composed of 6 short and independent modules of 5 minutes each. These micro training modules can be easily integrated into the learners' schedules. We have designed them to optimize the training time of the users.

Access to training is also quick. Depending on whether it is hosted via LMS or SAAS, deployment takes only a few hours.



Our learnings offer an enjoyable and effective experience thanks to a user-centred design. The courses are designed to bring complex topics within everyone's reach and make them easy to remember. The learning path is intuitive and does not require any pre-requisite knowledge.

The performance indicators allow a simple follow-up of the training. We track the learning status, validation, score, and time spent for each user.



Our learnings have been translated into more than 32 languages for some modules, with native speakers, thus enabling the deployment of the training on many international territories.

Localization is indeed an important success factor for cross-functional training programs: better content acquisition, consistency of messages within the same Group, equity of territories.

Our solutions are ideal for an international organization.



We use gamification and its playful mechanics to encourage adherence to our learnings.

Storytelling, motion design, quiz: the whole training is fun. We use fun to play down the drama and make learners want to discover subjects that might seem daunting or even anxiety-provoking.

We have seen that you learn better by having fun. Feedback from our clients is unanimous, our learning sessions mark a break with traditional training.

Our learning catalogue

of the GDPR

dispo_1Already available
Mission GDPR

Data Protection

and the European Regulation

#gdpr #compliance #seriousgame #elearning

Cyber security

dispo_1Already available
Mission Security

Good Practices

in Cyber Security

#cybersecurity #awareness #CISO #seriousgame #elearning

Awareness of
anti-corruption and Sapin 2 law

dispo_1Already available
Mission Incorruptible

The Fight against Corruption

and Influence Peddling

#corruption #sapin2 #compliance #seriousgame #elearning

of CSR

Coming soon
Mission CSR

The Social Responsibility of Businesses

of the economic intelligence

Coming soon
Mission intelligence economique

The Security of Information in Business

Awareness of professional equality
between women and men

Coming soon

Professional Equality