Our learnings

Œil pour Œil CREATIONS offers a catalogue of digital learnings for all the employees of a company without any particular prerequisite. The objective and function of these elearning sessions is to acculturate efficiently on complex themes: GDPR, Cybersecurity, Anticorruption Laws, Corporate Social Responsibility, Professional Equality between men and women, etc.

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Mission GDPR

Data Protection

and the European Regulation

#gdpr #compliance #seriousgame #elearning

An e-learning to raise awareness of the GDPR

The European Data Protection Regulation brings about many changes for companies and organisations. Our awareness-raising solution, MISSION: GDPR, provides the common base of knowledge necessary for all employees, before any more operational "business" training. With more than 150 customers worldwide, this widely tested training is a real success!

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Mission Security

Good Practices

in Cyber Security

#cybersecurity #awareness #CISO #seriousgame #elearning

Training in best practices in cybersecurity

As a major issue for all those involved in IT compliance and security, raising awareness of cyber risks is essential.

MISSION: SECURITY, with simple and effective advice, provides best practices to protect against attacks.

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Mission Incorruptible

The Fight against Corruption

and Influence Peddling

#corruption #sapin2 #compliance #seriousgame #elearning

An e-learning on the fight against corruption and the Sapin 2 law

The Sapin 2 law marks a real turning point in the fight against corruption and influence peddling. In the face of globalisation, corruption is a real brake on economic development, due to unfair competition. MISSION: INCORRUPTIBLE responds to the training system imposed by the law and the new code of conduct, and intended for managers and staff most exposed to risks. Because acts of corruption, whether active or passive, are not always those one believes...


Awareness solutions

Our catalogue of awareness-raising solutions focuses on "compliance", "management", "security", "change management", thus responding to current regulatory requirements and organizational transformation concerns.

In constant development, new titles are being produced, opening up to other themes: CSR, Business Intelligence, Professional Equality between men and women, Right to Disconnection, PSR...


Our pedagogical approach

One of the strengths of our learnings is to combine the power of storytelling with an efficient and innovative pedagogy.

The narrative framework of our videos is based on emotion, creativity and humour, but also on sincerity, empathy and accuracy.

Quality storytelling is of major importance because it creates the desire to begin the training, to capture the learner's attention, and to leave a lasting impression, both in the memorization of messages and in the memory of a pleasurable experience!

Filled with real facts and concrete business examples, exposing, in a spirit of synthesis, the fundamentals of a subject, our scenarios are designed to speak to each and everyone, constantly seeking the support of an often very heterogeneous audience.

Experts in content creation and pedagogical engineering, but also transmitters of emotion, we are proud to be your storytellers!