A rich and engaging experience

All of our training courses use game mechanics to create an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. Challenges, rewards, are some of the game mechanics we use to encourage the learner to progress through the training course.


We use storytelling to engage learners in a series of missions, based on professional or personal situations. Our teams of super agents come to advise and assist the learner in their journey. The tone is deliberately humorous and positive in order to de-dramatise complex and anxiety-provoking subjects.

Motion Design

Motion Design

We use a series of sound animations to develop the content. We also use native actors depending on the languages used. We pay particular attention to sound design.


To test the knowledge and skills of the learners, quizzes are offered after the animation. We work to make these quizzes entertaining by using a set of intuitive manipulations and humorous animations.



Each mission is punctuated by a reward that marks the success of the sequence. This is a classic gamification mechanism.

Fun and serious

Bringing together some twenty experts with complementary skills, we offer comprehensive support for projects, from the user-centred design phase to the analysis of device performance.

Get compliant in a fun way!

An original and relevant way to achieve awareness or training objectives, by giving users an engaging and motivating playful experience!