Gamified e-learning to raise

your employees' awareness of corruption

and the Sapin 2 law.

The fight against corruption and influence peddling

The Sapin 2 law, also known as the Law on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of economic life, enables French companies to be better armed and compliant with the requirements of the international market in this area. It strengthens existing laws and provides a legal framework for whistleblowers, to protect them but also to guide them when faced with a case of corruption.

MISSION: INCORRUPTIBLE meets the training obligation imposed by the law, to prevent and avoid sanctions by the control authority, the AFA in France. This training allows each employee to understand the key notions of the Sapin 2 law and to make the company's code of conduct more accessible to them.


The fight against corruption

What is anti-corruption? What are the laws related to it? Who is affected by these laws?

Gifts and invitations

How can I find out about an organization's policy on gifts and entertainment? What is the code of conduct?


What is corruption? Learn to distinguish between active and passive corruption.


Sanctions for corruption can have serious consequences for organisations and individuals. Be warned!

The 8 pillars

The Sapin 2 law is based on 8 fundamental pillars. Eight measures and procedures are to be implemented under the obligation of vigilance.

The protection of the whistleblower

The law requires the creation of an internal warning system to combat corruption. How are whistleblowers protected?

Available in 13 languages

German*, English*, Spanish*, French*, Italian*, Dutch*, Polish*, Portuguese*, Brazilian, Chinese (Mandarin), Flemish, Czech, Ukrainian.

*native versions

The advantages of our learnings

Short and gamified formats

Our fast learnings last on average 30 minutes (6 modules of 5 minutes) to fit easily into learners' schedules. Thanks to gamification, they offer an enjoyable and playful experience to users.

Compliance and traceability

All of the learnings enable you to comply with your legal training obligations. Each user path is recorded to provide proof to the control authorities or to measure performance.

Turnkey deployment

Access to the training courses is fast. They are hosted either via your own training platform (LMS) or directly online in SAAS. Deployment takes only a few hours.

Guaranteed success

We ensure the quality of our elearnings both in terms of content, with the help of recognised experts in the subjects covered, and in terms of form. Our clients' feedback is unanimous: our learnings mark a break with traditional training.


Our learnings have been translated into more than 32 languages for certain modules, with native speakers, thus enabling us to extend the deployment of the training to many international territories.


Each module is autonomous and the courses are modular. The learnings can be adapted to your charter (logo + colour), and certain spaces have been provided to allow you to speak.

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