Our highlights

Our learnings combine the power of storytelling with effective and innovative teaching methods.

Our scenarios are based on real facts and concrete business examples, and present the fundamentals of a subject in a spirit of synthesis. They are designed to speak to each and every one of us, while constantly seeking the support of an often very heterogeneous audience.

Experts in content creation and educational engineering, but also transmitters of emotions, we are proud to be your storytellers!


Our fast learnings last on average 30 minutes: 6 independent modules of 5 minutes.



An enjoyable and efficient experience through user-centred design.



Gamification and its playful mechanisms encourage adherence to our learnings.


And more!

Short and gamified formats

Our fast learnings last on average 30 minutes (6 modules of 5 minutes) to fit easily into learners' schedules. Thanks to gamification, they offer an enjoyable and playful experience to users.

Compliance and traceability

All of the learnings allow you to comply with your legal training obligations. Each user path is recorded to provide proof to the control authorities or to measure performance.

Turnkey deployment

Access to the training courses is fast. They are hosted either via your own training platform (LMS) or directly online in SAAS. Deployment takes only a few hours.

Guaranteed success

We ensure the quality of our elearnings both in terms of content, with the help of recognised experts in the subjects covered, and in terms of form. Our clients' feedback is unanimous: our learnings mark a break with traditional training.


Our learnings have been translated into more than 32 languages for certain modules, with native speakers, thus enabling us to extend the deployment of the training to many international territories.


Each module is autonomous and the courses are modular. The learnings can be adapted to your charter (logo + colour), and certain spaces have been provided to allow you to speak.

Get compliant in a fun way! Challenges, rewards, game mechanics to encourage learners to progress effectively in their training

to progress effectively in their training courses.