Avoid ransomware


This training module is devoted to the principle of ransomware. It gives some techniques to identify this type of attack. It also proposes good practices to adopt in case of attack. This module consists of a 3-minute motion design followed by a quiz to validate the learners' knowledge.


  • Know the ransomware

  • Recognize the techniques used by hackers

  • Giving good practices in case of an attack

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts all the data on your computer.

It can spread to the entire corporate network and paralyze it completely. In exchange for ransom, the hacker offers to return a decryption key that will allow you to retrieve your data. Chances are you'll never get that key and your data will be irretrievably lost.

To avoid this unfortunate situation, a certain number of precautions must be taken, here is a set of good practices to observe: