Manage your passwords


This module offers an overview of techniques to facilitate the memorization or management of several passwords.


  • Learn how to manage your passwords

  • Know the different management solutions

The explosion of online services forces us to manage many different passwords. Memorizing your 200 passwords is not an easy thing to do. It is almost impossible to remember all of them. There are solutions that can help you...

Single sign-on

Some web giants offer you to use your account to connect to other services. For example, to create an account in your new game, you can use the profile of your favorite social network. This saves you the hassle of creating a new password, which is convenient.

But beware of this type of solution, which has two drawbacks:

The digital safe

There are specialized password management software programs that allow you to write passwords down in an encrypted and unbreakable database on your computer. They also allow you to randomly generate very strong passwords. You can also carry this database either on a USB key or access it via your smartphone.

A few tips before using this solid and efficient solution:

These solutions can help you create or manage your many passwords more easily.

To secure passwords, service companies regularly offer new solutions. These include double authentication, which verifies your identity via a second means, for example a code sent by sms.

Some services limit you to only a few attempts and send you notifications when you try to log in, by email or sms. Others identify new hardware and alert you to verify that you are the source of the connection. Finally, it is sometimes possible to use biometrics, such as a fingerprint.

Some people predict the end of the password in the near future, which would spare our neurons. In the meantime, we must try to protect our passwords carefully.